Hot Types of Smokers: How to Buy the Best for You

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What Are The Main Types of Smokers?

At the heart of the smoking saga lie the Types of Smokers - each with its own unique narrative and flavor profile. Whether it's the traditional charm of charcoal smokers or the modern allure of electric and pellet smokers, understanding the different types is your key to unlocking new chapters in your smoking journey.

There are several types of smokers used for cooking and preserving food. Here's an overview of the main types of smokers:

Offset Smokers
Also known as stick burners or horizontal smokers, these consist of a large chamber for the food and a smaller firebox attached to one side. Heat and smoke from the firebox flow into the cooking chamber, where they cook and flavor the food.
Vertical Water Smokers
These are tall, cylindrical smokers with a water pan between the heat source and the cooking grate. The water pan helps to regulate temperature and adds moisture to the smoke, ensuring the meat remains juicy.
Box or Cabinet Smokers
These are rectangular, upright units that resemble a small refrigerator. They have multiple shelves for food, making them ideal for smoking large quantities at once. They can use various heat sources like electric, gas, or charcoal.
Drum Smokers
Sometimes called Ugly Drum Smokers (UDS), these are made from steel drums. They are simple in design, with a charcoal basket at the bottom and cooking grates at the top. Their cylindrical shape makes them efficient in terms of heat retention.
Pellet Smokers
These are electrically powered but use wood pellets for the smoke flavor. An electric element heats the pellets, producing smoke. They often come with digital controls, making it easy to set and maintain precise temperatures.
Electric Smokers
These smokers use electricity as their heat source. They are easy to use and maintain a consistent temperature, but some purists believe they don't impart as much smokey flavor as other types.
Kamado Smokers
Made of thick ceramic walls, these are egg-shaped smokers that can also function as grills. They retain heat exceptionally well and are efficient in fuel consumption. Popular brands include the Big Green Egg and Kamado Joe.
Cold Smokers
These are designed to smoke food at low temperatures, usually below 100°F. They're used for foods like cheese, fish, and some sausages, which don't require cooking but benefit from the smokey flavor.

Each type of smoker has its own advantages and is suited for different culinary needs and preferences. The choice of smoker often depends on the desired flavor profile, the amount of food being smoked, and the level of convenience the user is looking for.


The road to mastering the smoke begins with a single step, and our Tips section is your loyal companion. Like a seasoned pitmaster passing down wisdom to the apprentice, our tips unravel the secrets of the smoke, from maintaining a consistent temperature to selecting the perfect wood for that desired smoky flavor.


In the vast market of smoking gear, finding the right equipment can feel like navigating through a dense fog. Our Reviews section shines a light on the path, providing clear, concise, and honest insights into various smokers and accessories. Equip yourself with the knowledge to make informed choices and elevate your smoking endeavors.


Each recipe is a new adventure waiting to unfold, a narrative told through flavors and aromas. Our Recipes section is your gateway to a treasure trove of smoky delicacies, from the classic smoked brisket to the exotic smoked salmon. Unleash your inner pitmaster and explore the myriad tales waiting to be told through the smoke.


A good brand is like a trusted companion on the smoky trail. Our Brands section introduces you to the stalwarts of the smoking industry, those who have stood the test of time and delivered quality, innovation, and reliability. Discover the names synonymous with excellence in the realm of smoke.

Known for their wood pellet grills, Traeger offers a unique flavor to your barbecue. They've been around for decades and have refined their smokers for optimum performance.
An iconic brand, Weber has a range of smokers from kettle grills to larger smoking units. They are renowned for their durability and consistency.
Rec Tec
Has made quite the name for itself with its wood pellet smokers with bull horns. They are known for their precise temperature control using smart technology.
Specializing in electric smokers, Masterbuilt offers a convenient and straightforward smoking experience. They also provide propane and charcoal smokers.
Pit Boss
This brand has gained popularity for its wood pellet grills. They offer a range of sizes and are known for their affordability without compromising on quality.
Green Mountain Grills
Another major player in the wood pellet smoker market, Green Mountain Grills are known for their precision and tech features, including Wi-Fi connectivity.
Oklahoma Joe's
Originating from the competitive barbecue circuit, Oklahoma Joe's smokers are heavy-duty and designed for serious barbecue enthusiasts.
Kamado Joe
Offering ceramic grills that can function as smokers, Kamado Joe has become a favorite for those looking for versatility and high temperatures.
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