Weber Cold Smoke Generator: 3 Ways How to Ignite Quickly

Picture this: you’ve got this smoking hot accessory (Weber Cold Smoke Generator) that flips the script on your standard smoking setup. We’re talking cold smoking with the same rig – a twist on the spiral smoke generator well-known to smoke whisperers out there.

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It’s not just a smoker; it’s a Weber Smokey Mountain. It’s the difference between just grilling and crafting a culinary experience. So, grab your tongs, your favorite rub, and maybe a cold one, and prepare to make some smoke signals that’ll make the neighbors jealous. Welcome to the Weber way of life.

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These models offer a range of options for enthusiasts to create authentic, mouthwatering smoked dishes at home.

Weber Cold Smoke Generator: What, Why and How

The Weber Cold Smoke Generator is a specialized accessory for cold smoking, perfect for adding a smoky flavor to cheese, single slices of bacon, fillets, and salmon. Its design ensures a gentle glow of the incense, allowing for smoking for up to 10 hours at a low temperature. The unit is ideal for smoking a variety of foods and is used in combination with smoke dust to achieve that irresistible smoky aroma. It’s constructed from coated steel, and for convenience, it’s dishwasher safe. The product features include a practical bowl for cold smoking on the grill, easy lighting, an 8 to 10-hour even and slow burn with minimal residue, and optimal airflow for the perfect smoking process​.

The Setup

The gadget’s a no-brainer – a straightforward spiral that you load with an even layer of fine sawdust. But here’s the kicker – don’t let that sawdust spill over the edges. Light it up from the outside, and watch it smolder slowly, as if it’s taking its sweet time.

Weber, being the thoughtful folks they are, churn out perfectly sized sawdust for this very occasion, which I, of course, used.

The Weber Cold Smoke Generator Way

Weber says it’s a piece of cake: pour the sawdust in, torch it through the standard hole for about 30 seconds, and voilà, you’re in the smoke. But here’s where things got sticky – neither take one nor take two did the trick for me. Holding a lighter for 30 seconds is like a thumb-wrestling match – not all lighters are up for the challenge. And even then, half a minute was hardly enough to keep the sawdust from playing dead. Maybe it was the gusty wind or the humidity playing spoilsport – not exactly a rarity around here. So, I had to get creative to live with it and make it work.

Creative Ignition 101: 3 Ways How to Ignite Quickly

  1. Gas Stove Lighter: This bad boy won’t melt into a puddle even after a good 90 seconds, which is just about enough time for the sawdust to catch a proper glow.
  2. Portable Gas Torch: A lifesaver on camping trips and a lifesaver here. Thirty seconds with this, and you’re golden.
  3. Medical or Food-Grade Alcohol: Drip about 5-10 grams onto the sawdust, light it, set the generator in the smoker, and hit the hay. This amount of ethanol burns off in a jiffy, scent-free, so your food is safe.

Fingers crossed, if you ever find yourself battling the elements like I did, these hacks might just save your bacon.

Light It Up Right

Once you’ve got that spiral blazing in a controlled manner, it’s time to lay it at the bottom of the bowl (where you’d normally pour water for hot smoking), stack up the racks with your grub, and seal the deal with the smoker lid. Weber promises a good 10 hours of smoldering – I clocked in a solid 12.

So there you have it. May your smoke be cool and your grilling be hot. And remember, when all else fails, a little bit of ingenuity (and perhaps a dram of alcohol) goes a long way.

Candle-Lit Conundrums

Now, I can hear some of you grilling gurus out there, “What are you, new? The Cold Smoke Generator can be lit with a simple candle, genius!” And sure, you’re not wrong – take the Realcook 8″ Cold Smoke Generator, for instance. It comes with its very own cozy little nook for a candle. But remember, while some models are candle-ready, others might just leave you cold and smokeless. So before you start playing smooth operator with a tealight, make sure your smoker’s got the right setup, or you’ll just be waxing poetic with no smoke in sight.

Realcook 8″ Cold Smoke Generator, Hot or Cold Smoking on Any BBQ Grill and Smoker

A Heads-Up on Cold Smoke Generator Designs

Now, let’s not forget an essential tidbit – not all Cold Smoke Generators are created equal, especially when it comes to the lighting ceremony. Some of these contraptions don’t play nice with a mere candle. That’s right, you might find yourself holding a vigil with a candlestick, but with no flaming glory to show for it. So, if you’re banking on a romantic candle-lit ignition, you might need to think again. It’s best to check your gear before you plan your smoke session, lest you’re left with unsmoked cheese and a broken heart.

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